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Songs from the Pages of Witch Hairs

Produced by Grammy-winning musician John Jorgenson

Musical artists from Dixie Gamble’s past, present and future have collaborated to create this unique collection of songs, some inspired by and some giving inspiration to Witch Hairs. Rodney Crowell, Lewis Storey, Bee Taylor, Harry Stinson, Beth Hooker, Mary Ann Kennedy, Pierpaolo Adda, Lauren Braddock, Hannah Sutherland and John Jorgenson bring their immense and eclectic talents to illustrate musically many of the amazing and heartbreaking experiences shared within the chapters. 


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Jim Havey


This is the true story of a remarkable life and a guide to how to live it. It’s the story of true love and how to get and give it. 

Dixie Gamble went from a small North Carolina town as a divorced young mother of two boys to the first female president of Elektra Asylum Music, a publishing division of Warner Bros. Records in Nashville, guiding the careers of Pam Tillis, Lewis Storey, and many others. A second marriage to one of the most storied record producers in the country led to another divorce and a deeper longing to find answers to her lifelong questions. 

In Witch Hairs, she shows, and explains, every tug at her soul and the fulfillment she found, each pluck of what was and a map to what should be. Part memoir, part atlas of the soul of the Universe, Dixie Gamble hides nothing of her journey to find both herself …

And John.

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